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Computers are much faster than humans at math calculations and data crunching, but the “human touch” adds intuition, emotions, and opinions to size up the context of a situation.

Narwhal uses crowdsourcing in a novel way by capturing the general intelligence of human “pods” as an additional source of knowledge. This financial application captures Human Powered Market Intelligence and contrasts that data with algorithmic bots for a more accurate perspective of what is really going on worldwide.

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Market Signals

Narwhal can help you track your favorite markets in valuable new ways. It can be your personal canary-in-a-coal-mine to help you assess situations rapidly for smarter less risky trades. While computers are much faster than humans at calculation and data crunching, the “human touch” adds valuable intuition, emotion, and opinion to help the trader size up the true context of any trading situation.

Narwhal uses crowdsourcing or human-in-the-loop results in novel ways to capture the general intelligence of human “pods” or swarms as an additional source of understanding and insight into markets. As such, it can reinforce the results out of AI tools or act as a counterpoint or hedge when the ‘machine’ gets it wrong.

Narwhal asks its “expert pods” from around the world what they sense and feel about market trends then uses combinations of man and machine results to more accurately predict market fluctuations … so as to decide when to act and do so with less risk.

YOU too can be a contributor by playing on the Narwhal big data platform and contributing to one of its expert pods for fun and profit! 

Diving deep into financial markets with Narwhal will allow you to become less troubled by its unseen currents, lurking killer whales and scary feeding frenzies. By getting onboard Narwhal’s broad-based humans-in-the-loop data system you can help reshape the market risk horizon of finance, while moving forward with better trades!

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Are you better than average when it comes to cryptocurrency knowledge and market pattern prediction skills? Are you curious about how you rank against your buddies and rivals? Find out today!

Compete to be at the top of the Narwhal Leaderboard while earning crypto for accurate real-time picks! The more accurate you are, the more you can earn.

Why Narwhal?

Narwhals are real-life sea creatures with a unicorn-like tooth projecting from their foreheads. They have been observed rubbing horn-to-horn, and experts believe they are exchanging memories about the route, including the hazards and opportunities that can be found along the way.

Narwhal connects traders from around the world who share their knowledge, opinions and sentiments, like a virtual rubbing of the horns. This information-share of evaluated risks and dangers benefits the whole community. Narwhal feels out the signals and global trade sentiment and keeps a constant finger on the pulse of financial markets.

The narwhal tooth has other unique functions. It can detect salinity levels in the water and even break through the ice, just like the Narwhal app senses the feel and currents of global markets and spears the right choices!

Narwhals are the deepest-diving mammals, descending into cold, dark waters to find their prey and navigating like a pro among the sharks, big fish, and whales. The Narwhal app dives deep into trading data for you, allowing you to easily navigate the volatile waters, strong waves, and feeding frenzies of cryptocurrency markets so you can find your unicorn-rich trade and become a whale.


Leo Willner, PhD

President & CEO

Sarah Blincoe

Founder & Chairman

Chriss Mejía

Vice President

Blake Anderson

Senior Scientist

Jim Schofield


Stuart Wilson


Doug Scribner